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Our company is built upon the foundations of delivering expertise, total clarity, and commitment to clients' success.


With over 70 years experience in this industry, we have structured a network of trustworthy and talented call centers around the world. Through this, we have developed and incorporated multilingual services in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin. 


We ensure that we find the right center in the right location, with the most relevant experience, infrastructure, and scale, to make your outsourced project the most successful it can be. Our highly motivated employee-centric team enables a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific business needs that will never compromise on quality.


Our goal is to identify, place, manage and report on your call-center managed-calls, to deliver cost-effective and successful handling of your incoming calls. 










You've heard about offshore call centers' quality, efficiency, and effectiveness but vast oceans separate you from them; moreover navigating the waters to find them is fraught with rocks and swirls and currents and other perils – so you cling closely to the shore for fear of the unknown. But knowing there are savings there keeps nagging at you...


That's where we come in!


We will help you save money by matching your call center needs with a perfect match abroad. Not too small, not too big! Not too technical or very technical. Not too friendly or very friendly. It all depends on your business needs from a call center. 


We'll not only identify the right call center but place your project, whether a new or a migrated project from an existing call center for a safe and painless transition abroad. Why would you want to do this? For the savings! 


The world has become and continues to evolve into a smaller universe, with distant players providing specialized services – passing along those savings of scale not to mention the lower overall cost of living costs there. The world is becoming homogenized. This often means big savings for you, the "foreign" user of those resources. 



But yours needs to be the first step!


Tell us in broad strokes what you need from a call center, or if you already have one, what that center does for you. We'll find and propose a better but lower-cost solution abroad.


There's never an obligation. Just a commitment to providing us with enough information for your best solution. We guarantee to save you money. Start entering some information on our inquiry form. We'll flesh it out together with helpful questions you can answer quickly to point us in the right direction for your unique solution. Start now.    





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