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"If you are thinking of outsourcing your inbound, outbound, or online services like emails, chat, and social media, you're at the right place. Besides English, ICCS also does French, Spanish, Italian, & Mandarin"

We match your needs with the best offshore call centers!   

We know the centers, their capabilities, and their cultures... We know the countries, the pitfalls, and the traps.

We take responsibility for implementing your program plus training the representatives. That's how we can ensure excellent interactions with your customers. You'll love how we treat them, and love your savings!



Call Center


Spend less time answering phones

and more time running your business.


Call Center


For when your business' database needs an upgrade.

We focus on increasing the quality of call-center interactions with your customers because it’s not just about lowering your costs – it’s more about achieving excellence in service, performance, and reporting. We work for you, not the call centers.

Like mountain guides for climbers, we can guide you across the waters to match your needs with outstanding call centers across five continents. We eliminate risk-paralysis and other fear-based inertia due to a lack of knowledge. Using our cumulative experience we outsource your unique requirement of skills, services, and cost, to suitable call centers abroad.

We can even build Your Own Private Call Center

Eliminate middle men. Eliminate hassles.

We'll help you get there.


With over 70 years of experience in this industry, we have structured a network of trustworthy and talented call centers around the world. Through this, we have developed and incorporated multilingual services in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin. 


We ensure that we find the best center in the right location. A center with relevant experience, infrastructure, and scale, to make your outsourced project successful. Our motivated employee-centric team enables a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific business needs without any compromise on quality.


We identify, place, manage and then report on your call-center managed calls, to deliver cost-effective and successful handling of your customers. 










You've heard about offshore call centers' quality, efficiency, and effectiveness but vast oceans separate you from them. Moreover, navigating the waters to find them is fraught with peril. So you cling closely to the shore for fear of the unknown. But knowing you can save by outsourcing keeps nagging at you.  That's where we come in!


We can match your call center needs with the perfect call center abroad. Not too big, not too small! Not too technical or very technical. Not too friendly or very friendly. It all depends on your business style and culture. 


We'll identify the right call center, place and manage your project, for a safe and painless transition to a center abroad. Why would you do this? For managed quality and savings! 


The world has become and continues to evolve into a smaller universe with distant players providing specialized services. These players pass along the savings from economies-of-scale and couple these with the generally lower cost-of-living where they choose to locate. This means big savingsWe ensure those savings accrue to you.  


Tell us what you want from a call center, or if you already have one, what that center does for you. We'll find and propose a better and lower-cost solution for your consideration.


Start entering some information on our inquiry form. We can flesh it out later with helpful questions to point us in the right direction for your unique solution.

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